Joe Biden has an excellent opportunity of becoming President according to the polls, but he does himself no favors when he makes this kind of statement publicly.  Biden helps no one, least of all himself, by stooping to the ad hominem invective of President Trump.  Biden’s PR strategy should be to stick to facts first.  The facts are that several US Presidents, including our Founding Fathers, were racist and kept slaves.  Most recently, Princeton University stripped the name of Woodrow Wilson from one of its buildings because of Wilson’s racist views.  Biden’s weakness has always been that he bungles facts and makes up his personal history as he goes along.  In that, he is not unlike the President.  The difference between the two is that Biden has a moral center and empathy, which are lacking in Trump.  Biden should strive to be accurate because that perception will set him apart along with his emotional link to the average American.

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