The Comcast Disney fight over Fox assets might get more bitter as days pass.  Comcast is determined to have Fox for its content and networks.  Fox doesn’t want Comcast, however, because it is concerned a merger will be disallowed by the government.  Disney and Comcast are engaged in a multi-billions bidding war.  Comcast is looking for new funding.  Disney has upped the ante.  Lost in all this is the fate of Fox employees.  They are helpless bystanders to the wrestling of giants.  They know in the end someone will own them and their business lives will change.  Meanwhile, there is little PR and employee relations can do to ameliorate fears and rumors.  Hallway gossip is speculation while everyone waits for Comcast’s next move, if there is going to be one. It is not a good working environment, but it is a reality.  There are limits to communications and transparency and this is one of them.

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