Is your consumer off the grid? More and more it’s possible for consumers to sate their voracious appetite for media, including music, games, movies, TV and other entertainment, with just a smartphone and a laptop.

This term was first introduced to me (in this context) by Time Warner Cable. Just 18-24 months ago it’s how they described their college market (or lack thereof). While cable companies like TWC can provide you with phone, cable and internet, college students more and more are not opting for this one stop shopping option. They go off TWCs grid for media consumption.

Digital Convergence
The above might make you assume I’m an “all digital, all the time” consumer. I’m far from it, I’m still firmly on the grid. But I do understand that digital is a technology. Digital is not a separate media format like online, print, TV, radio, out of home or otherwise. This is not semantics. It’s an important distinction.

As digital threads itself through media, it’s dissolving the silos in which we’ve placed them for years. This means we need to consider content as much more fluid. Content can morph, thanks to digital technology, to meet consumers’ ever changing, ever expanding needs. Can your content morph?

Whether or not your consumer is off the grid, you need to create content they can consume on their terms.

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