The CEO of Boeing has received a cruel Christmas present.  He has been summarily fired and the chairman is taking his place.  His failure to get the 737 Max back into the air was a proximate cause but also his ham-handed PR attempts made the situation worse.  He apologized to the victims of two air crashes too late.  He predicted when the plane would be back in the air and missed the date several times while ticking off the Federal Aviation Administration because they felt pressure from him.  A failure of the software system has exposed the engineering department to withering criticism.  As the story notes, “Two years ago, Boeing Co. could do no wrong. Lately, it can do nothing right, and someone had to pay the price.”  Boeing will get through this time of trial but its reputation will be set back for years with regulators and the public.  It might have forgotten that it is in an industry where even one mistake is too much.

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