My reaction to this article makes me an old fogey.  It is about the change in habit among the young from using e-mail to texting.  The young want instant, conversational communications and not the irritation of addressing, subject lines and body copy.  PR practitioners should be careful about this trend.  We are communicators first and well-formed messages are what we offer.  Instant messaging is instant gratification but may not be good communication.  There should be thinking behind a message and not just response.  And, both grammar and spelling should be correct.  Time will show instant messaging needs standards to be a good business tool.  It is excellent for friends who know you and can fill in gaps.  It is not good for communicating to clients and others who need context and rationale.   One can make a strong case that to reach the young, one needs to use media adapted by the young.  It is a good argument but it doesn’t justify empty and incomprehensible messaging. 

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