You’ve probably seen a news story and heard the recorded customer call to Comcast that has gone viral.  Comcast has apologized for the rudeness of its service rep who wouldn’t accept that a customer wanted to cancel.  The company is already one of the lowest rated for customer service and this incident only confirms the view of many.  It is one more example of a bad egg supporting the public’s perception of a company’s reputation.   One would think Comcast would be working overtime to win favor, and employees like this one would be reassigned or rooted from the ranks.  But, apparently not.  Hence the company continues with the poor reputation for service it has had for years — and that is too bad.  When our family was a Comcast customer, its service was prompt and their techs easy to work with.  We left Comcast, not because of outages,  but because we could get faster line speeds.  Our present vendor has proven stable and easy to work with as well.  Comcast has lost us, probably forever, as it has lost millions of others.  Had it a better reputation that needn’t have been the case.

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