There are times when perfection in the business world is not good enough.  Here is a case.  In the dicey world of rocket launches, United Launch Alliance has had 106 perfect missions in a row.  But, that is not enough.  Newer, cheaper rockets are on the scene and they are starting to make headway against the incumbent.  There is only one thing ULA can do — cut costs while not sacrificing safety measures.  That is hard enough, but for the long-term future of the space launch business, it must be done.  The lesson here is that good PR might not be sufficient if consumers have options.  Although one can have a wonderful track record, the consumer might ask for more, and the only option for a company is to up the ante or to get out of that line of work.  It must be stressful for employees who work so hard to do well only to discover that a customer is looking around for something else.  There is a tendency to slack off when one is not appreciated.  In this case, internal relations and leadership are essential to maintaining focus.  

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