Presidential candidates and their minders are quick to pick up on any medium that gets their names out to voters.  Now they are concentrating on podcasts and YouTube shows, media that barely registered in the last election.  There is a good reason for doing so.  They reach more young voters than any other type of broadcasting.  As the story says, “YouTube claims to reach more of those voters in an average week than every cable network combined, citing Nielsen data. By 2020, those age brackets (millennials combined with Generation Z, roughly) will be the largest voting bloc in America.”  There are other advantages to using this publicity channel.  Candidates are not caught on an overloaded debate stage trying to shout down others while speaking in sound bites.  They can take their time and discuss issues in depth.  It won’t be long before politicos at all levels seek to use these outlets.  Can the mainstream media keep up?

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