A story like this is poor PR for a bank.  However, there have been hundreds of them in the last two years.  Banking as an industry has a long way to climb back to public respect.  Wells Fargo almost certainly isn’t the worst institution out there.  The cumbersome process of buying, selling and foreclosing homes has built enormous friction into the system, and when banks tried to speed it up, they were damned for robo-signing.  Mortgages are paper-ridden — piles of lengthy documents for just one home.  When one is dealing with refinancing tens of thousands of homes about to be foreclosed, the process spirals easily out of control.  But, a home owner might legitimately ask what banks are supposed to do.  It is their job to have the system figured out.  That they don’t is the source of their bad reputations.  The mortgage mess is an example of PR being what you do and not what you say.

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