Captain Sir Tom Moore, the 100-year-old British activist, set out to complete laps in his garden with his walker in order to raise money for COVID relief.  His goal was 1,000 pounds.  But when his venture received publicity, he raised a total of 39 million pounds.  Sir Moore died ironically of COVID and has been elevated to a national hero in the UK.  He was proof that one can do good at any age and in the smallest ways.  Without publicity, Sir Moore would have added a bit to the fight against the disease but nothing remarkable.  With publicity, he gathered tens of millions.  This is why so many crave the spotlight for themselves and their work, but publicity can be fickle.  It is lightning that strikes at odd times and places.  Most publicity seekers end up disappointed.  Sir Moore’s advantage was his story — a WWII veteran who sought to help out when there are only a few remaining soldiers from that era.  He was a natural and the public understood that.

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