As this shows, even the best analysts have trouble predicting the future.  There is no guideline for wearable technology.  Apple is not the first to market with a software watch, but it is the first to put the heft of a major brand behind the product.  Even so, analysts can’t figure out how many people will want to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to put one of these multi-function timepieces on their wrists.  It is a reminder again of how little we know about the future.and the need to stay humble when confronting what might come.  Apple hopes the watch will be a stunning success and remake the marketplace as prior products have done.  All it can do now is wait and stay alert as users discuss their experience with the product and their likes and dislikes.  Several naysayers have speculated that the the watch will be a flop because no one will want to fiddle with a tiny screen and short-term battery life, but they don’t know either what will happen until months from now.  Apple’s PR department can work hard to get the features, functions and design of the watch before the public but it can’t guarantee either what will happen.  It is a white-knuckle ride into the unknown — potentially exhilarating, hopeful, and with a chance of failure.  

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