PR uses facts persuasively and avoids spin that bends facts to the point of lies. That is why this is a great PR for SpaceX in an otherwise devastating year of 2020.  The company is firing on all cylinders with a proven business strategy that undercuts the industry’s cost profile by millions of dollars with each launch.  Few thought there could be a reusable booster to lift men and material into space before Elon Musk proved it could be done.  The president and chief operating officer of the company called 2020 a “year of highlights” with one successful launch and return after another.  She is also enthusiastic about the newest rocket, the Starship, which has only reached the upper atmosphere in testing to date.  Her optimism is based on the company’s continuing record of success and solid performance.  It is easy to believe her with the record the company has.  That’s what PR should always be. 

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