What is a definition of publicity?  This is one — the lavish opening of a new Star Wars film.  Disney is known for its show business skill, and it put it to work for the grand opening of a film that cost it $4.3 billion to make — if you count the purchase of Lucasfilm into the production cost.  Disney expects to make $2 billion of that back with just this film.  The economics of Hollywood are boggling.  The publicity for the film had been going on for months leading to the premiere.  Disney left no opportunity on the table to make sure that Star Wars fans are panting to see the movie.  Disney’s public relations is the film itself — does it equal or better previous Star Wars features? Initial whispers are that it does.  That means the fan frenzy that Disney has whipped up will be satiated and primed for more.  What else could a movie studio want?

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