This story about CNN reporters on Grand Bahama during Hurricane Dorian is compelling.  It is factual testimony that supports the Bahamian government’s statements about the wreckage on the islands.  It also is an explanation of the slow pace of supplying food, water and medicine to the populace.  Destruction of parts of the islands was complete.  Nothing was left standing.  Roads were torn up, runways flooded, ports washed out, power lines downed.  CNN is a news organization but its reporting is an effective defense of the government’s deliberate pace.  It is third-party validation, the best kind of PR.  That written, Bahama’s leaders have little time to find ways to reach the public.  Something needs to be done now, even if coordinated action is not possible given the conditions.  It is a terrible bind for leaders to be in, but their response will make or break their reputations.  Meanwhile, Dorian has blown itself out over Eastern Canada and the public along the Atlantic coast in the US are sighing with relief over a near miss.

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