Amazon Air is not owned by Amazon.  It is a subcontracted shipping service.  However, that makes little difference when there are problems with it, such as this crash.  Amazon cannot hide and claim the problem was not its own.  The company has the influence to make sure pilots are paid more and qualified pilots are hired.  A hands-off approach is not reason enough to claim the problem is not Amazon’s.  It is reputation by extension.  The carrier has the Amazon name even though it is not run by the company, and hence, it also has Amazon’s responsibility.  The company wants to compete with UPS and Fedex without paying the extra costs of those services.  That is good in the marketplace, but it is not better by stiffing pilots on wages and increasing risks.  The company will have to decide what to do, especially if there is another accident, but wrecked planes and dead pilots should not be deciding factors.

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