Agribusiness for the longest time has been an abuser of workers and their rights.  The reason is clear.  Consumers don’t want to pay much for food, so processors squeeze expenses and take cost cuts out on workers.  This lawsuit claims a conspiracy among 18 companies running 200 chicken plants to set wages for line workers and maintenance personnel.  While complicity has yet to be proven, one shouldn’t be shocked if it proves true.  Cold-pack hens are among the least costly of protein to buy.  That doesn’t happen without industrial methods being applied to farming from the egg through parts wrapped in plastic. Agricompanies know if they don’t do it, they will be out of business.  We could pay more as consumers, but food already is a large expense for a family, so we tend to ignore how meat gets to the freezer.  If agribusinesses have a reputation problem, they can look at us as much as we stare at them.

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