The Segway, the two-wheeled, self-balancing mobility of the future, has gone out of production.  So much for predictions of the future.  Rarely has an invention been introduced with greater hype.  It would change the world.  It would make cars redundant.  It solved transportation’s “last mile” problem.  It did none of those things and now it is gone for good.  How could predictions be so wrong?  It is one more example of the unknown unknowns in life.  These are things we can’t foresee, and in the case of the Segway, it was the market space for the product.  It just wasn’t there.  It’s not that the manufacturer tried.  It did, but there was no demand for it, as sophisticated and user-based as the technology was.  Segway is not the first such failure.  The landscape is littered with products that were ahead of their time and disappeared unmourned by consumers.  All the market planning of sophisticated business people went for naught.

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