Is the speed of news too slow?  This story is interesting.  Associated Press disciplined one of its reporters for tweeting a scoop before the wire service had a chance to run it.  The reporter’s reason for tweeting was the need to get the news out fast.  The AP’s answer to that is prior right to the reporter’s output.  The lesson for the PR practitioner is that news is reported now as fast as one’s fingers can type on a cell phone.  It is no longer possible to stay ahead of a story, if it ever really was.  The best one can hope for is to stay even with reports of breaking events, and that is unlikely as well.  Crisis communications planning and rehearsals should take this change in speed into account.  It is still wrong to react publicly without having facts at hand, but the pressure to get facts is greater than ever.  If AP’s wire service is too slow for the news, it is too fast for the PR practitioner.

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