President Trump was acquitted last evening but not before theatrics at the State of the Union the night before.  The SOTU ended with Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping a copy to Trump’s speech in half on national TV.  Yesterday in a closed-door Democratic meeting, she vented her bile against the President.  Social media went into a frenzy over Pelosi’s public act — some damning her and some praising.  It is hard not to take the tearing as a symbol of the opposition Trump will face the rest of the time he is President.  It might have been done without forethought, but the Speaker is known to control her emotions.  Yet, her anger expressed against Trump yesterday makes it plausible that her act was spontaneous.  Either way, she has stated her anger publicly and is more than likely never to cooperate with Trump again. The problem for Trump is that he needs her to get legislation passed.

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