Monday January 18, 2021

What About Us?

 Movie theater owners are in a difficult marketing position as motion picture companies put their products on streaming video.  They are beholden to content creators since they do no more than project films onto large screens and sell popcorn.  Movie makers can avoid the costs of distribution and much of marketing expense by going directly […]

Something To Think About

Wearable computing is nearly here.  Is PR ready for it?  How will we change strategy and communications to account for Google Glass and body sensors?  Individualized communication will come to the fore as it has already done with social media.  However, wearable computing is a step beyond.  It is instantaneous and in many cases will […]

About Time

A major drug store chain has announced that it will stop selling cigarettes.  CVS is taking a $2 billion annual revenue hit to get out of the business of “cancer sticks.”  It is a great example of PR — doing the right thing even though it costs.  Give credit to the company that it finally […]

Shareable Media Get Serious About Attracting Millennials

When the Daily Show first aired, Jon Stewart was a comedian hosting a parody show on Comedy Central. Now he’s a satirist for a news show that just happens to run on Comedy Central. While Comedy Central’s Daily Show is as an example of niche cable brands expanding programming to attract a bigger audience, it’s […]

About My Absence

We have been living in a house with no power and no heat since last Monday night, and we are lucky.  Undoubtedly you have seen pictures of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy that ripped the New Jersey shore.  Where we live the damage was from wind but that was enough.  On every block there are […]

#sxswcares about Japan and needs your help

This post is to alert you to #sxswcares — a site to collect donations for Japan relief efforts in light of the tragic natural disasters. In less than 24 hours, as of this post, #sxswcares has raised nearly $5,000 in donations. You can donate too at the site or just donate to the relief cause. Separately you […]

Change the Same Old Conversation about the Next Shiny New

Passion rules. Passion fuels everything from blogs and career choices to causes and, of course, families. So I don’t want to rain on anyone’s fiery passion when it comes to the “next shiny new object.” But it gets frustrating when folks trade pragmatism for seemingly blind evangelism. Very smart people suddenly turn into very shiny […]

Getting real about Social Media, PR (and CSR)…

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Conference 2010 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There was a great turnout with CSR and PR people from every industry and there were great discussions throughout the three days. Unfortunately the pressures of the day job have delayed this post, […]

What Elvis Taught Us about Social Media | The King’s Top Three Tips

One of the highlights of my college years is my road trip to Graceland. In hindsight, climbing into a car with two friends and driving round trip from Cincinnati to Memphis in about 48 hours is less than appealing. But the Elvis experience is still fresh in my mind for other reasons. In fact, Elvis’ […]

Don’t be afraid of talking about Corporate Social Responsibility

Partly in response to my post about the growing importance of appropriate communications on a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, the Textifying blog over at Arizona State University (sorry there’s no bio page and the post was written by ‘tburns’ – and I tried to leave a comment but couldn’t) published a post entitled: […]