Friday January 22, 2021

Can’t Go Back?

Walmart is ending a popular price-matching program and customers are furious.  The company’s explanation is that it already offers the lowest price on most items so there is no longer a need for the comparison check.  That is not what its customers say.  They claim Walmart is greedy and trying to hide price increases.  They […]

Firing Back

Does it ever pay to fire back at a vocal and dissatisfied customer?  Delta Airlines is finding out.  It is in a public tiff with conservative commentator Ann Coulter who is upset that the airline gave her seat assignment away on a flight from La Guardia airport, NY to West Palm Beach, FL  Coulter was […]

Back Tomorrow

I’m winding up two days off for vacation.  I’ll be back tomorrow.   Tweet This Post

Can’t Walk Back

President Obama is learning a truth of the internet age.  One can’t change what he said in the past without being caught.  The cause for this lesson is the now famous “red line” that Obama said Syria dare not cross with the use of chemical weapons.  Commentators have resurrected his words from a year ago […]

Cut Back, Move Forward?

Microsoft is facing a dilemma with the announcement of Steve Ballmer’s upcoming retirement. Should it adapt Ballmer’s grand plan to integrate the company around services and hardware? Should it cut back to money-making software and get out of marginal businesses?  Ballmer will not  be in control to see integration through, and it will take years. […]

Back To The Future

Before the collapse of magazine publishing in the mid 20th Century, there was plenty of space for long-form journalism and short-form fiction — stories and novellas.  That space is returning now in the form of Kindle Singles, an Amazon program dedicated to the shorter form.  Amazon states it as “compelling ideas expressed at their natural […]

Back, Barely

Lively times on the East Coast with an earthquake, hurricane, flooding, power outages, loss of water, downed trees and other damage.  From a communications perspective, the mayor of New York and the governor of New Jersey handled their duties well.  They were on the radio and TV regularly.  They went on site to inspect damage. […]


I took the week off between Christmas and New Year and read two books.  Both were depressing but informative.  The first, Just How Stupid Are We?, examines the political ignorance of American voters and blames some of the bad decisions in Washington and our state houses on an uninformed electorate.  I couldn’t help but thinking […]

Back Again

An internet serviced provider — Comcast — is fighting again with a broadband network over fees for carriage of high volume material — streaming movies.  Both sides are crying unfair.  One, Level 3, is invoking the principles of net neutrality and saying Comcast is violating them.  Comcast in turn is saying Level 3 is pouring […]

Seriously… dump that social media stuff and get back to work

Happy New Year. I had a lovely time, thanks for asking. I have spent far too much time over the past couple of weeks monitoring the online chatter.  My god there’s a lot of noise. I think I am having Social Media sweats. There are just so many articles, posts, rants and links.  Now don’t […]