Wednesday February 8, 2023

Is This A Business?

Reports have come out that Microsoft has spent $5.5 billion to date in an effort to establish its search engine, Bing.  From an economic perspective, one must ask if Bing is a business.  Thus far, it is a money pit.  Microsoft has enough cash to continue losing a billion a quarter for some time to […]

The NOW Revolution: Seven Social Imperatives for Business

“The NOW Revolution” written by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund has received reviews from the likes of DuctTape Marketing’s John Jantsch, Chris Brogan and Seth Godin. It outlines how you can retool your organization to make real-time business work for you rather than against you. “You Say You Want a Revolution…”I got a copy of the book […]

The Craft Of Business Writing

Here is a brief essay on the craft of business writing.  It is opinionated, and I welcome rebuttals.  The heart of the paper is a plea for better thinking and logic rather than more studies of grammar and communications techniques.  One can argue that my view is simplistic, but in my experience, poor writers are […]

Twitter Search for Business, Digital Branding, Social Media — in the 90s, Data Visualization | Four Links | 11.28.10

It’s been a year since I did my last Four Links post?! It’s not Twitter’s fault. In fact, thanks to Delicious, I’ve been tracking more relevant content in the last 12 months if anything else. But I’ve customized the design of my blog enough that TypePad won’t let me push my Delicious links here as […]

Buggy Whip Business

No PR in the world can save a buggy whip business.  Blockbuster is going the way of horses and carriages. Tweet This Post

Risky Business

This story, if true, is a risky position for an airline company to take.  Let there be one jet that loses its engines because of volcanic ash and the airlines will be put into an untenable position.  Yes, the airline companies have said security is “non-negotiable”, and they won’t fly if there is a risk, but […]

PR + CSR = Just Good Business

There’s no question that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has hit the mainstream for companies of all sizes.  The last five years have seen an explosion of interest in CSR (or Corporate Citizenship), driven by our changing society, pressure from employees, interest from customers and often a company’s own desire to have a positive impact. While […]