Wednesday September 22, 2021

Content Marketing Lessons from Facebook, Twitter & Google

Three pieces of content driving some serious sharing online last week are “year in review” stories from Facebook, Twitter and Google. Perhaps stories doesn’t do their projects justice. More than just breezy content, each story also holds lessons for brands and their approach to content marketing. It’s Not About You: FacebookBy tapping into each user’s last 12 months of […]

Content Is Not King

Guess who suggests content is king and who suggests content isn’t king? The answer usually depends on the job of whomever is answering the question. It seems PR people lean towards giving content the crown. Social media professionals give social the monarchy. And so on. For my entire career, I’ve focused on content in one […]

Listen to #mktfyi for Sound Content

David E. Bowman is a social media force. I’ve seen the benefit of his involvement in many projects over the last couple of years, including Dayton’s annual social media confab, SummitUp. In just two years SummitUp’s drawn speakers including Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, Pete Blackshaw and more. Full disclosure: I’ve presented at both year’s events. Our […]