Thursday June 20, 2019

It’s Coming

The day of the robotic car on the racetrack is here.  The autonomous vehicles aren’t competitive yet, but it is only a matter of time before they start to show in winners’ circles.  This will have a profound PR effect on the sport.  Rather than drivers being the heros, attention will be deflected to pit crews […]

It’s What You Do

The Veteran’s Administration can say nothing right now to alleviate its problems.  The only proper PR is for the VA to shrink waiting lists and to provide promised service.  However, to do that, it needs more doctors, nurses and technicians to handle veterans’ needs.  That is assuming these professionals are available.  All this, of course, […]

It’s Hardest On The Workers

Too often companies overlook workers when there is a product defect.  The company takes the blame and by extension those who built the product.  However, it is often not the workers’ fault.  They installed a defective part correctly and with pride.  Only later do they find out that the part is bad.  This is the […]

It’s A Game

It didn’t take long last night before I abandoned the TV and went to my room and read.  For all the hype, the Super Bowl is a game, and it wasn’t a good one.  From the first snap until I walked out shortly after the end of the first quarter, it was clear that the […]

It’s Always Something

Momma, don’t let your children get new computers.  I’m the victim of a new machine at work.  It’s not the machine’s fault.  It works well.  It’s the settings that did not carry over from the old computer.  The old box was set up for my working style.  The new one isn’t in spite of the […]

It’s Not Just Ads Making Dad Look Bad

Along with several other timely Father’s Day stories, I’ve got something to say. But it’s more of a question. Why is the ad industry taking all of the heat for portraying dads in a bad light? Don’t get me wrong, I can’t agree more with Adweek’s “The Demise of the Doofus Dad in Ads.”  Ads have […]

It’s Harder For PR Too

This story is interesting in that it alleges PR is growing while traditional journalism is shrinking.  It sees danger in that because PR people cannot be trusted to impart information objectively.  Nothing cited in the story is new.  PR has been involved in all the activities mentioned for decades. It is a matter of degree.  The […]

Viral: It’s Not a $%#!& Strategy

Going viral is not a strategy, it’s an outcome. As much as we might wear that t-shirt, it’s not as simple as saying it and moving on with your meeting/client/life.When people aren’t immersed in social media, viral marketing and word of mouth, that simple sentence is obscured by everything from roller skating babies to World Cup […]

Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy

Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan’s “Age of Conversation” project is about to publish a third book. “AOC3: It’s Time to Get Busy” could be available as early as next month. I’m proud to note I participated in this edition of the series. “From pitch to participate – a new model for social media relations” is […]