Sunday February 5, 2023

Yesterday’s News

Old media continue to shrink and publicity opportunities with them.  Note here and here.  This has changed the work of PR practitioners as much as anything, but it is for the better.  Disappearance of traditional media has forced PR to use new media more quickly than it might have otherwise.  PR was caught in its […]

iPad News

More people are getting news on iPads and Kindles.  That should be good for the news industry but it is too soon to tell.  One reason is that the public has been conditioned to get news for free online.  That is the result of sites like Google News.  For the PR practitioner, increased use of […]

Speed Of News

Is the speed of news too slow?  This story is interesting.  Associated Press disciplined one of its reporters for tweeting a scoop before the wire service had a chance to run it.  The reporter’s reason for tweeting was the need to get the news out fast.  The AP’s answer to that is prior right to […]

More Bad News

How do you communicate a positive message when news is continuously bad?  This is the challenge facing the Obama administration on the issue of jobs.  Job creation remains stubbornly flat, but jobs are what Americans want.  To the President’s credit, he is focused on the issue and moving to create training programs, but there is […]

Future of News

These long, insightful and brilliant comments from Google to the Federal Trade Commission on the future of news are essential reading for PR practitioners.  Google recites the history of technological change and newspapers, points out what it is doing to help find new economic models for news gathering and dissemination and calls for reasonable business […]

Journalism, Curation and Changing Face of News Sources

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c McChrystal’s Balls – Honorable Discharge Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party Two seemingly unrelated pieces of news help me make a point. The first is above from The Daily Show. Jon Stewart rails on mainstream media for dismissing Rolling Stone for […]