Wednesday February 8, 2023

Tough Assignment

If you are a Republican, how do you recruit racial and ethnic minorities?  It’s a tough assignment measured in ones and twos and not groups of voters switching party allegiance.  It requires the recruiter to ask fellow minorities to forget the Party’s traditional aversion to blacks and immigrants.  What is the argument that Republicans can […]

Tough Call

Either Bayer spent $2.5 billion developing a cancer drug — or it didn’t, and the company is using fraudulent accounting to protect itself.  Who do you believe?  Bayer or the Indian government that wants to force the drug to be licensed in the country at a far lower cost than the $70,000 annual charge for […]

Tough Choice

The online advertising industry is facing a tough choice after Microsoft’s announcement that the newest edition of its browser will implement “Do Not Track” by default.  What does the industry do? Fight it and look like an ogre invading privacy?  Go along with the decision and watch analytics go out the window?  The future of the […]

Tough Job

How would you like to be the PR director for this boondoggle?  Building high-speed rail in California’s agricultural valley without connections to major cities makes no economic or political sense.  But, the governor is for it and refuses to acknowledge that it is foolhardy under its present plan.  What could you say to defend the […]

Tough Challenge

The news of Steve Jobs death presents a huge challenge to Apple.  It now has little time to re-position the company in order to show that Apple can continue and thrive without its visionary founder.  It is as much a communications task as it is a job to continue the breakthrough innovation that Jobs created […]