Sunday February 5, 2023

“Updating Your Status” | A Twitter Parody Tune ♫ ♪

I like Cake — the food that’s spawned a ton of TV shows and, more importantly, the band. I like Twitter too. So why did I take the Cake song “Going the Distance” and create this Twitter parody? If we can’t laugh at ourselves, what’s the point? Just be thankful I didn’t pick “Tweet It” and I’m not into […]

Five Twitter Tips

People sometimes ask me how they can enjoy Twitter more. Here are five tips I’ve employed to make the most of this now iconic social utility. 1) Use TweepML: TweepML is a great resource for finding lists of like-minded Twitter folk. It also makes it dead simple to follow a group of people. Be sure […]

Twitter Goes Geo-Loco for Twitter Places

Twitter Places was just unveiled and is designed to provide more context for tweets.The location option has been available since April, but now you can see who else tweeted recently from the same location. It also shows nearby locations, and points of interest — everything from restaurants and retail to churches and more.In fact, by integrating […]

When has Twitter Jumped the Shark?

Bacon. It really IS meat candy: than a minute ago via webKevin Duganprblog When the launch of a simple Twitter function like embedding Tweets get news coverage, I have to laugh and wonder when has Twitter jumped the shark?  This is less an observation about Twitter and more an observation of the social media […]

5 Twitter Visualizer Tools

When it comes to visual vs. audio, I always say “seeing is believing.” I’m a visual learner, which is why I created a Toolkit on oneforty highlighting Five Twitter Visualizer Tools. Curating TwitterFor a brief period of time, I tried tracking some of the more well-known Twitter tools using a Google Doc. I stopped this […]