Monday September 28, 2020

Didn’t Work

When is a do-good deed a failure in PR?  When you talk too much about yourself.  Like this.  The Carolina Panthers football team and the Lowe’s home improvement retailer combined to provide a 12-year-old a lawn mower so the boy can cut lawns to raise money for college.  Heartwarming, sure, but in a 90-second video about […]

Too Good To Work

Build-A-Bear Workshops conducted a promotion that was too good to work and now has to deal with the wrath of disappointed customers.  The creative idea was a “pay your age” discount.  Rather than a usual price range of $20 to $35, a parent could get a bear for a three-year-old for just $3 or for […]

It Just Might Work

Toys R Us, which put itself into bankruptcy, has ambitious plans for a turnaround and it just might work.  The firm is going interactive with the public and engaging children in its aisles and in playrooms it will set up.  The interactive thrust is Augmented Reality in which through a smart phone app, kids and […]

When PR Doesn’t Work

Here is a case where careful PR and abiding by rules and regulations hasn’t worked.  A determined group of activists has stopped the thirty meter telescope (TMT) from being built on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.  There is no appeasing the protesters who believe the mountain is sacred to their religion and scientists are defiling it.  It […]

Will It Work?

When a leader calls his organization ingrown and concerned for its own affairs, will the organization get with the leader’s vision or resist silently and stubbornly?  That is the issue that is facing Pope Francis who has called the Vatican curia “narcissistic” and failing to serve the wider church.  Pope Francis is about to learn […]

When Listening Doesn’t Work

Ask a horse thief for a horse not worth stealing and you’re bound to get a broken-down nag.  Asl a senator for a list of tax breaks that should be eliminated, and you won’t get reform.  In this case, however, senators are being asked for tax breaks worth keeping.  The senate still won’t get tax […]

When A Creator Disavows His Work

What is the PR impact of a creator disavowing the thing he made?  This question arose from Sandy Weill’s statement that big banks should be broken up.  Weill was the architect of the largest financial supermarket ever assembled.  He was a deal maker and operational genius.  When he left Citigroup, it slumped and hasn’t recovered […]

2011 Trend: Changing State of Work

Gyro:HSR (my former employer) created a video to kick off their study of consumers experiencing the impact of technology as it eliminates the 9-5(ish) walls around their professional lives. “I’m in @work State of Mind” With apologies to Mr. Joel, I think this trend has been brewing since 1997 when Daniel Pink chronicled “Free Agent Nation” in […]


Notice in this announcement about offshore oil drilling that California’s coast is missing. That is because California voters have a strong NIMBY attitude — Not in My Backyard. California, however, has proven oil and gas reserves in offshore waters. If the President wants to reduce reliance on foreign oil, he should drill there. But, he […]

Seriously… dump that social media stuff and get back to work

Happy New Year. I had a lovely time, thanks for asking. I have spent far too much time over the past couple of weeks monitoring the online chatter.  My god there’s a lot of noise. I think I am having Social Media sweats. There are just so many articles, posts, rants and links.  Now don’t […]