The stand-off between the unions and the governor of Wisconsin is troublesome.  The governor is spoiling for a fight — and he got it. He has made the state the point of the spear in attempts to control public servant unions.  But, in the process of trying to jam a bill through the statehouse, he has caused an uproar that has been broadcast worldwide and even involved the White House.  Talking might have helped, but it seems clear the governor was in no mood to discuss the issue.  Whether the governor is right or wrong, it is an example of how not to conduct public relations.  Even if the unions were so against proposals to rein them in that they would not talk, the governor should have made the attempt in order to highlight their stubbornness.  It would have made framed his next efforts to pass a bill and garnered voter support.  Now he faces the possibility of losing the citizens of the state, which could make his tenure in office one term.

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