This article upholds the First Amendment privilege of comedians to roast the President of the United States.  It has long been a tradition at the White house correspondents’ dinner to launch jibes at the Chief in a spirit of fun and truth-telling.  Presidents have gamely put up with it until the current occupant of the White House who decided not to attend.  This was the second year of his boycott and the second time a comedian has hosted a dinner in which Trump was lambasted in the harshest of words.  While supporting the First Amendment is essential, one might still question whether the language was appropriate.  Comedians have lacked the basic tenets of civility with this President as have many others.  One can contend that he earned the verbal beating and that would be right, but the outcome is mutual hostility that serves no one. Maybe with a little less invective, there might be a chance of rapprochement.  

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