What can one say about this fellow that is positive PR?   Comedians use him as the butt of jokes.  He has been a long-standing embarrassment to society, a self-regarding egotist, and a man filled with a sense of self-importance.  In nearly every way, he is anti-PR yet he continues to get publicity for himself and his projects and he explains away his failures as the other guy’s fault.  There must be a businessman in the puffed shell of a celebrity.  He is worth billions, or so he says.  Unfortunately, he gives business a bad name and is a cartoon of what a CEO should be.  There is room for negative examples in the PR business.  He is one but he is so extreme that it is insulting to a CEO to be warned not act like him.  One wonders how many more years the public has to suffer with him on the scene bloviating to everyone, even those who aren’t listening.

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