Character is often revealed in little things, and it is those small items that people look for.  Take, for example, this event.  Being told to move from a quiet car is hardly a piece of news, but the way one went is.  If Christie had apologized and moved to another train car, there wouldn’t have been much to report.  But, apparently according to news accounts, he didn’t.  He barked at his bodyguards and moved less than graciously to another part of the train.  Predictably, the internet lit up with comments, some expanding the incident and others simply reporting it.  The perception of the way Christie departed the quiet car is the issue.  If it smacked of privilege, Christie comes off as arrogant.  If it was an error quickly corrected, the public would give him slack.  Christie’s problem is that he comes off as a bully more often than not, so a good number of the public imagined that he did not go willingly.  Whatever happened, this little thing did not help him.

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