When Presidential candidate Joe Biden formally introduced his VP-candidate Kamala Harris yesterday afternoon, the room was deathly silent as they spoke.  The energy of an audience was missing and the media, the only ones there, couldn’t applaud.  This is a severe penalty of the COVID era and a marketing challenge.  How do you project the excitement of the party faithful and the electorate when they are watching from home?  In spite of the lockdown, Biden and Harris might be forced into some crowded venues to give their campaign speeches.  The internet is good but the two of them need visceral feedback.  They need to know their views are going over with the electorate.  They need to build a body of believers and volunteers who will bring voters along with them.  Trump has few inhibitions, and he will attend rallies if he can get away with it.  By doing the right thing, Biden and Harris might be disadvantaging themselves.

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