Every one of these products had publicity and glowing marketing materials.  It made no difference.  They died.  There are many reasons for the failures.  Some were redundant.  Some were aged out.  Some were absorbed into other tech.  Some failed because the market wasn’t there.  Some missed their price points.  It is instructive to read lists like this because it is a reminder — if one needs one — that there are limits to publicity, PR and marketing.  They can do only so much to boost an offering and help it establish itself.  Veterans in the communications business understand that.  That is why advance preparation is so important.  Rather than flinging a product onto the mercies of the marketplace, one should take the time to understand if demand is there.  Google especially dumps beta ideas to the public to see if they stick.  Many don’t.  It’s wasteful and eventually they end up on the In Memoriam list.  

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