It is good for PR practitioners to remember that PR and marketing do not guarantee survival.  All these technologies had PR and marketing plans.  They didn’t live.  There are numerous reasons for their failure. They did not adapt to the marketplace no matter how good they were.  It is a sobering thought.  In my career, I’ve seen a number of products introduced with enthusiasm only to gutter out in time.  Some happened through lack of resources.  Others tanked because their creators and managers fell in love with their handiwork and could not be flexible.  Still others were the wrong product for the market. Business is risk.  One gambles each time he moves in the marketplace.  Strategy and planning reduce chance, but they are not enough because they deal with unknowns.  At some point, one makes a decision and plows ahead or fails through analysis paralysis.  There will be more technologies that fail in 2018, and someone will write an obit at the end of the year.  It is a poor way to be remembered.

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