So, you’re drilling a gas well, and it explodes with a roaring jet of flame that jeopardizes the local community, kills a well worker and injures another.  What do you do for homeowners living in fear of the fire?  Offer them free pizza, of course.  Seriously, that is what Chevron has done in Pennsylvania along with a form apology letter.  This falls under the classification of “they must be kidding.”  Apparently they weren’t.  The effort only served to reinforce the attitude that Chevron doesn’t care and was going through the motions.  One wonders who is in charge of community relations at Chevron and whether this person was thinking clearly when the letter was drafted and the coupons printed.  At the least, a Chevron spokesperson might have visited a few families and carried the company’s apology personally for the accident.  Maybe someone did, but the letter and coupon overrode any effort along that line.  Chevron needs a refresher course in community outreach.

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