Social media platforms like Facebook are trying to determine what content to take down from their sites because it is injurious and what content to leave although it skates to the edge of truth. This is a tough call under any scenario.  The First Amendment, which might not apply in the social media world, is host to myriads of voices from the extreme right to the extreme left.  Conspiracy theories, facts and opinions are jumbled together.  It is next to impossible to know what is fake and what is true.  The editorial function falls to people who are not superhuman in their ability to determine right from fiction.  They will make mistakes, especially with marginal content, and the platforms will suffer negative publicity as a result.  It’s no place to be exposed, yet the services tried to allow members to run free and people took advantage both domestically and internationally.   The internet is a mixture of good and evil, and there is rarely an easy way to tell them apart, especially when they masquerade under the guise of good.  Tough calls are a part of social media now, and we can only hope that editors are successful most of the time.

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