The Pope has not ducked controversy, and in his current visit to South America, he was a target again.  This time it was for appointment of a bishop whom lay Catholics claim shielded a clerical child abuser.  Rather than back down, Pope Francis called for proof that the bishop was negligent.  That was daring in that the practice now is to act first then look for evidence later.  The hierarchy has been thinned as a result of child abuse, and well it should be.  There is no excuse for putting pedophiles back to work even if there is a shortage of priests.  The crime is too great and recidivism too frequent.  The Pope stands with the victims, but he also has a sense of fairness, which isn’t appreciated.  Victims want vengeance, and they criticize him if they don’t get it.  The Pope is in a tough position, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.  He takes the blows to reputation and keeps moving forward.

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