Often when a new electronic device fails in the marketplace, there is no second chance for it.  People scarcely remember the product and what it was supposed to do.  That is why this story is interesting.  Google is reluctant to give up on its Glass series of eye wear in spite of withering criticism it faced when it first came out and fears of invasion of privacy.  The company says it has fixed the previous problems and is now going to offer Glass to companies rather than consumers.  One wishes Google good luck but the chances of Glass becoming a frequently used product are slimmer than they were when it first appeared.  That is because few people who bought Glass the first time around found a must-have use for it.  The product seemed more like a gimmick than an essential tool.  Google needs to market Glass with time-saving activities and practical tips for employing it — much like other electronic products have done.  Public relations will be an important part of the roll-out.

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