Information_design It’s been a year since I did my last Four Links post?!

It’s not Twitter’s fault. In fact, thanks to Delicious, I’ve been tracking more relevant content in the last 12 months if anything else.

But I’ve customized the design of my blog enough that TypePad won’t let me push my Delicious links here as content. I’m working on a plan B to address this and other issues I have with this well-intended, dusty old blog.

What is Data Visualization? | Information Aesthetics: IA points us to an infographic, of course, that explains good information design. Shown here it’s from Information is Beautiful and well worth digging into as infographics have become the candy everybody wants. Content becoming more and more visual is something I’ve prattled on about for quite some time.

Social Media in the 1990s | Online Reputation Edge: A fun comparison of “prehistoric” social media and today’s social media. It’s the perfect link for the inevitable “when I was your age” speech we’re all destined to give.

Branding in the Digital Age | Harvard Business Review: David Edelman takes a new look at the purchase decision model in “Block that Metaphor.” At Empower, we’ve been looking at it as a brand participant map. Our model acknowledges that this process is not always linear.

Using Twitter Search for Business | Chris Brogan: Another great article from Chris that shows the value in Twitter. A little effort allows you to tap into the largest single database of consumer intent for some serious insight.

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