Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney says she won’t resign her seat in spite of an overwhelming censure from her state’s Republican party.  She had the temerity to vote for former president Trump’s impeachment.  She said her position is one of conscience and that Trump violated the Constitution.  It makes no difference whether Cheney was right.  She still might lose her race in 2022 with her party working against her.  It is a reminder that doing the right thing often spells disaster.  This is the peril of whistleblowers who call their companies and leaders to account.  They are expelled from their jobs and finding new work is hard to do.  Republicans are pragmatic in backing Trump.  He pulled millions of voters with him in his losing quest for a second term.  Republicans don’t want to lose their positions by expelling him from the party, although in their hearts some know he was in the wrong.  Cheney, who is the third ranked Republican in the House, has managed to hold onto her office, but for how much longer?   

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