Joe Biden now says he wasn’t ready for the attack on him by fellow Democratic candidate for President, Senator Kamala Harris, in the recent debate.  The question is why not.  Biden has a long legislative record, and he knows he must defend it during the lead-up to and in the primaries.  He has been taking the stance of a front-runner who is above the mud and wrestling other candidates are engaged in.  It isn’t working.  Commentators are noting that he seems unprepared, and his ratings are slowly falling.  From a campaign marketing perspective, he needs a new approach — better briefings, more time in give-and-take Q&As, a willingness to call into question other candidates’ records.  In other words, he should not divorce himself from the others but work hard to rise.  Does he have the energy to do that and the understanding that he needs to?  Ensuing weeks will tell.  Should he fall back, he will have only himself to blame.

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