Apple launched a web site to combat allegations that its App Store is a monopoly that hinders competition.  It reads like an advocacy ad one might read in The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.  It’s questionable whether the extended screed will change anyone’s mind, particularly those who have had their software rejected from the App Store.  Apple has run afoul of the law already with a Supreme Court case that went against it, and developers have not stopped criticizing the company.  One wonders why the corporation bothered to put up a such a site — one long page that requires extensive scrolling.  It is not an example of good design and as convincing as the language may be, who is going to read through all of it?  The site might be targeted to developers and not the public at large, but even they might question its timing and length.  If it is an attempt to get ahead of the issue, it is lacking.

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