Movie theater owners are in a difficult marketing position as motion picture companies put their products on streaming video.  They are beholden to content creators since they do no more than project films onto large screens and sell popcorn.  Movie makers can avoid the costs of distribution and much of marketing expense by going directly to the home, so why shouldn’t they?  Theater owners contend viewers miss a communal experience by foregoing an audience and the effect of a big screen with surround sound.  Maybe so, but the public will decide on that by electing to go out or to stay home.  Large theater owners can cry for help but there isn’t a consumers’ push to give it to them.  Most people are content in their living rooms and out of the COVID-19 environment.  Will theaters recover once a vaccine is generally available?  It’s too early to know, but there is a good chance they have received a mortal blow, and there will fewer of them in existence.

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