The story out of Volkswagen is so strange that it is nearly unbelievable.  That a car company would have the audacity to fudge tests on its engines and then sell tens of thousands of them before the EPA caught on is putting a loaded gun to the head and pulling the trigger.  Didn’t anyone in the engineering department, the marketing department or at headquarters stop to consider the reputational damage to the company from this chicanery?  Volkswagen, which has trumpeted the clean diesel, now has to admit that they aren’t so pollutant-free after all.  The fallout from this debacle is already being felt.  Volkswagen has stopped sales of cars with the engines in the US,whether new or used.  Fines from the EPA are bound to be stiff and the CEO of Volkswagen may be looking at the end of his job.  Even if he didn’t know, he should have known and stepped in before the blunder was released to the marketplace.  This is a classic, “What were they thinking?”  

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