Bacon. It really IS meat candy: than a minute ago via web

When the launch of a simple Twitter function like embedding Tweets get news coverage, I have to laugh and wonder when has Twitter jumped the shark? 

This is less an observation about Twitter and more an observation of the social media industry.

It’s funny to watch social media sites go mainstream. It’s a great sign of success when early adopters start crafting titles like “Twitter is Dead” or “When has Twitter Jumped the Shark**” Oh, wait, never mind.

It reminds me to point you to a post from Todd Defren detailing the benefits of being a fast follower vs. an early adopter. 

**Jumping the Shark does not mean end of story of course. Even Happy Days still had a few seasons left in it after Fonzi coined the phrase. And it launched the career of Ted McGinley arguably.

UPDATE: The Tweet embed code is for WordPress. It flusters Typepad. So it looks all jank.

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