What can a PR practitioner do when marketers stretch the truth?  Here is a case.  Cell phone carriers have unilaterally declared that their networks are now 4G in terms of speed and data carriage.  It seems that few know what 4G should be, so marketers are getting away with a lie.  From a PR perspective, it is bad business.  Eventually the public will catch on.  The media already have.  The question is whether consumers will let the companies get away with it.  One wonders as well why the government hasn’t said anything to the companies yet about the sudden promotion of their networks.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much that a PR practitioner can do when a company decides to fake it.  It is either go along or find another job in a bad economy.  It is hard to believe, however, that PR practitioners can promote a lie enthusiastically to reporters who know the truth.

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