The massive and critical cyberattack on the Federal and state governments is a time when the President should speak out and reassure the public.  President Trump has remained silent.  Instead, he has let cybersecurity agencies and experts sound the alarm and point the finger at a likely culprit — Russia.  There is no good reason for him to remain out of touch.  He speaks out  on the election being a fraud and whatever else interests him.  It is one more failure of leadership, a hallmark of an unhappy four years for the country.  In contrast, Biden has already commented on the invasion of systems and what he plans to do about it.  It is as if Trump has transferred the office to his successor.  Trump’s presidency forms a long-term case study in communications disaster spawned by continuous lies to the public.  It is also a valuable study in perception for the support he maintains in spite of his prevarication.  

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