NASA and SpaceX have clammed up.  They aren’t speaking about the failure of a manned-crew capsule, called Dragon, on a test stand.  Apparently, it blew up when its rockets fired.  No one was injured but the anomaly, as they are calling it, may have set back NASA’s plans for months for a crewed flight to the International Space Station.  No one at the agency or at the company is giving any kind of explanation for the explosion.  Officially, it did not happen even though a video of the incident made it to Twitter right away.  There is no good reason for silence, and all it has done is increased speculation about the flight worthiness of the capsule.  Both SpaceX and NASA have a lot riding on the success of Dragon in reaching and returning from the ISS safely with astronauts aboard.  Maybe they are hiding to protect the mission.  If so, it could be a terrible mistake, especially if something goes wrong during the eventual launch.

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