There is a type of executive who believes rules don’t apply to him.  And, it is a he rather than a she. Consider this case.  A president in charge of women’s magazines who degrades women in office situations.  Why hadn’t he been fired long ago?  There is an unspoken rule in such situations.  If a person can successfully operate, we will overlook his indiscretions.  That rule is changing by the day now as women come forward with tales of harassment and pressure put on them.  The top executive of the present must guard his tongue now and avoid off-color humor or anything that might offend subordinates.  It is no longer good enough to be one of the boys.  Executives direct a diverse population today that is easily offended by rough language.  It is safe to say most Fortune 500 executives are aware of the strictures on their speech.  The offenders are a minority, but they are at last being called out.  Still one must ask about the minority, “When will they learn?”

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